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"Successful Investing for Women"  
A 6-part teleseminar series designed and facilitated by a woman -- for women only.


My name is Megan Gelhar. I am an independent financial educator and for the past 9 years I've been working very closely with women just like you, helping them delve into the most frightening, least talked about issue of their lives: MONEY.  

If you are like most women, your first response to learning about investing might be, "I'll never be able to understand it!".  But I know in my heart and in my bones that you are more than capable of not only understanding it - you can become a successful investor.  I dare say you will enjoy the ride, too!!

I'd like to ask you some very important questions:

  • Did your portfolio/401K take a huge hit in 2008?

  • Do you worry about having enough money for retirement?

  • Would you like to feel more secure during these uncertain financial times?

  • Do you have health, car and/or home insurance?  How about portfolio insurance?

"Portfolio insurance... what is that??"

If you don't have some form of portfolio insurance (i.e. a risk management strategy) in place for your portfolio, you will almost certainly incur much bigger losses in a down (bear) market than need be.

Putting a strong risk management strategy in place for your investments is very much like having an insurance policy for your home or car.  Very few of us would ever dream of taking to the road without car insurance, yet the concept of insurance for your portfolio is probably new to you.

Utilizing a form of portfolio insurance MINIMIZES losses in your portfolio AND maximizes gains.  These days, wealth preservation is the most important thing for you to focus on as a result of being in this volatile market.  And it has been long been said that in a bear market those investors who lose the least amount of money, win.


“I would highly recommend Megan Gelhar for her investment wisdom, skill and very thorough knowledge of the market.  I have been doing my own investing for over 20 years now and based on the portfolio analysis Megan did for me, I could have increased the value of my portfolio over the last year by 25 %.  I will use Megan’s expertise on a regular basis to continue to build my portfolio.  Everyone should have a yearly investment check-up”!  
--- Dr. Tammy Wong, CEO, Fostering Executive Leadership

Many people I speak with nowadays feel helpless and afraid, while many others say, "I trust my advisor to take care of it."

Here's the good news: This teleseminar series will provide you with valuable information that will calm your fears and have you feeling more in control, no longer at the whim of the markets.  The even better news is: this isn't an issue about whether or not you trust your financial advisor - this is about YOU taking a more proactive and educated role while working with him or her.

I can assure you, if you are currently in a "buy and hold" situation with your portfolio (as most were in the last bear market of 2000-2003), digging yourself out of that hole will take years and years!  Most people who were invested in mutual funds with a buy and hold strategy during the last bear market, just got back to breakeven last fall.  Then the bottom fell out all over again! 

I have seen many, many folks - including those well into retirement or close to retirement - lose 30-45% of their assets.  Guess what?  They don't have enough years left to make up those losses!  Plus, when one is digging out of a hole that big, it's a  scramble just to get back to even.  The most troubling fact is, now all those years of additional growth and compounding have been lost as well.

I meet with many of my clients' advisors.  They are all men and women my clients trust.  When I ask these advisors how they can sit by and watch all those losses accumulate, I quickly realize they are all very good people, simply doing the best they know how to do.  The problem is most of them just don't KNOW what to do.  Anyone can look like a genius when the markets are booming.  But it takes skill and knowledge to maneuver and minimize losses in a down market.  My experience tells me that very few advisors have these skills in place.

What can you do?

If you want to transform your fears into confidence, confusion into clarity  and begin taking charge of your money matters, then get your calendar out and reserve your spot for this workshop.  It will be life-changing and there has never been a more opportune time for you to jump on board!  No matter what your current situation, level of knowledge or experience is, this workshop can move you into becoming a confident and competent investor.

When: TBA end of January 2012

Time:  TBA  6-90 minute classes

Investment: $1895 for one person, $2295 for two.  The cost includes 6 90-minute classes, a 220+ page manual, recordings of all the calls, plus 4 hours of 1:1 time with me - an $800 value.

This teleseminar was created to give you the skills you need to invest successfully and create financial security for yourself and your family.

Call Megan now at 510-698-4901 to sign up for this class.

Did you know that women make better investors than men?  
No Kidding! 
Join me and find out how you can be one of them.

This teleseminar is for women who:

  1. Recognize that a "hands off" approach to investing no longer works and now find themselves ready to take a more proactive and educated role.

  2. Are no longer comfortable with their advisor's counsel, "Hang on, the markets always come back."... but have no idea what else they can do.   

  3. Need to learn in a safe and comfortable environment from a woman and with women only.


I am a “baby boomer” MD who has always had a nice income and great job security.  For reasons probably common to many women, however, I developed a lot of anxiety around finances early in life.  I worried I wouldn’t have enough money to retire on, but was paralyzed by the idea of delving into it.  I just thought it would be too complicated for me to learn about it.    My unfortunate response was to do nothing and so my investments stayed “parked while I prayed”.  I realize now I missed out on establishing a healthy relationship with money.

Well, Megan did a portfolio analysis for me and in the process I became better educated.  I also lost a lot less money, $74,300 to be exact, than I would have if I had continued using my old “buy and hold” strategy.  With Megan’s help, I became so much more comfortable with money matters and my anxiety all but disappeared.  I have learned so much about the basics of money and how to invest the smart way.  With a quick mind, a HUGE heart and a healthy dose of humor, she soon became my money therapist.  I would recommend Megan’s work to any woman who has fears around taking greater control over her finances.”  
--- Heidi Syropolous, MD

I promise you:

  1. There is an easy, approachable way for you to learn investing.

  2. No one will ever care about your money more than you do!

  3. You are far from alone when you say, "I can't get this!"  I know you can.  

During this teleseminar you will learn:

    ·     How to navigate the dramatic changes and trends moving into the investment
·     Why using a “buy & hold” investment strategy in this market will lead to financial ruin.
·     The truth about how the financial industry really works - why your advisor may be part of the problem.
·     The language of investing made easy and understandable.
·     What the concept of sufficiency is and why it matters. 
·     The role your emotions will play in your investment decisions.
·     Simple, effective and profitable investing secrets
taken from the Master Investors who know how to make money in all markets. Learn how to minimize risk and maximize gains – strategies very few financial professionals use.
·     What an exit strategy is, why it is critical to have one and how to put it in place.
·     A step-by-step simple system you can begin using immediately.

When: TBA end of January 2012

Time:  TBA  6-90 minute classes

Investment: $1895 for one person, $2295 for two.  The cost includes 6 90-minute classes, a 220+ page manual, recordings of all the calls, plus 4 hours of 1:1 time with me - an $800 value.

Call Megan now at 510-698-4901 to sign up for this class.

This is what I know for sure: there has never been a time in your life when investing in yourself and your future was more important.  

I look forward to being with you!



Legal Information

I am a financial educator, NOT a financial advisor.  Any information you receive during this seminar is for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as financial advice.  

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